Microsoft To Introduce Differential File Syncing To OneDrive In Autumn

OneDrive users have been asking for a differential sync feature for the cloud storage service for some time. The feature would only sync parts of files that have been updated instead of syncing everything, which would save time and bandwidth. Microsoft has now revealed it will be introducing differential sync to OneDrive in the second quarter of this year.

Image: Microsoft OneDrive roadmap/ZDNet

First reported by ZDNet, Microsoft has updated OneDrive's roadmap to reflect that differential sync will be introduced sometime between March and May. The feature means OneDrive will check to see what parts of a file, such as Word documents, have been edited on a user's device and will only upload and sync the bits that have been changed.

The result will be less data usage and faster sync times.



    That really is the least of its worries. I cancelled my OD last week because I had some bonus space expire and they will only let me purchase 50GB (I need 200GB). The alternative is Office365 which I neither want nor need.

    Add to that that you can only sync off your primary disk and it has become near useless. It's a shame seeing as I've had an account since SkyDrive was a twinkle in Bill's eye.

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