Let Christian Slater Scare You Into Buying A HP Printer

Let Christian Slater Scare You Into Buying A HP Printer

We’re not making light of printer security. We just never imagined Christian Slater would be preaching about it. The veteran actor is the star in HP’s new web series, The Wolf, where he goes around hacking printers and other devices in a company, all while talking menacingly about why organisations need secure printers.

“There are hundreds of millions of business printers in the world. Less than 2% of them are secure,” according to the opening shot of HP’s four-part web series, accompanied by sinister music. Enter Christian Slater, dressed in black, looking suss and popping up everywhere in a nondescript company. He goes around messing with the printers and computers, trying to show why organisations mustn’t neglect printer security.

Who let him in anyway?

On a serious note, playing the titular hacker character in the cybersecurity TV show Mr. Robot doesn’t automatically quality you as a security expert, but the acting is decent and the production value is surprisingly good.

The series has a light-hearted element to it and is, at the very least, amusing to watch.

You can see the four-part series here.

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