Killer Interview Question: When Was The Last Time You Worked Hard To Learn Something?

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This week's KIQ comes from Kristin Carlson, senior sales recruiter at Yelp.

Carlson has hired 253 people at the multinational online business review company. Speaking with Business Insider, she talked about the unique methods Yelp employ to assess how suitable job applicants are for the company; this includes doing a bit of role-playing to get a snapshot of what applicants would do in the job.

Naturally, Yelp also asks interview questions that are out of the norm.

One of Carlson's favourite interview questions is: "Tell me about a time where you really had to work hard to learn something."

"Here's a hint: 'Algebra' or 'French 101' aren't the best responses," Carlson said.

The objective is to find out a candidate's capacity for learning and their passions as well.

How would you respond to this question? Let us know in the comments.

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