Improve Your Audio Recording Skills With This NPR Production Guide

Improve Your Audio Recording Skills With This NPR Production Guide

Recording quality audio all comes down to preventing major problems from the start. This guide, from NPR’s Rob Byers and NPR audio engineers, will help you avoid recording problems, as well as fix editing and mixing problems.

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The reference guide from Byers, NPR’s production specialist, covers distortion, clipping, plosives, hisses, hums, interference and dealing with background noise. You’ll also learn how to adjust abrupt tone of voice or cadence changes in editing, fix inconsistent audio levels, deal with stereo balance issues and so on. Using recorded examples of each issue, the guide will get your ears trained to hear and prevent problems in no time. If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide written by a pro, definitely check out the resource below.

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The ear training guide for audio producers [NPR]

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