How To Quickly Fix A Broken Thong

How To Quickly Fix A Broken Thong

Picture the scene: you’re enjoying a seaside stroll in some airy rubber thongs when one of the Y-shaped straps suddenly snaps. You’re now forced to hobble around with bare feet on scolding hot pavement. Tch, eh?

The next time you suffer this summer indignation, impress your friends with this DIY repair. All you need is a nut and a washer.

Thongs – AKA “flip-flops” – are the easiest to break of all footwear. All it takes is some idiot to accidentally tread on the heel or a misjudged step into a pool of sucking water. You now have a useless piece of rubber attached to some dangling straps.

Ask Out Loud blogger Yvandi has a smart, easy solution to this predicament which she has kindly allowed us to share with you all.

“Here I am in Australia, with my favourite (and only) pair of flip flops when this happens,” Yvandi explained on her blog. “So I found a nut and washer and voila!”

“The washer fits snugly into the rubber sole and the nut was easy enough to screw on to the broken bit. Once the thread catches, use a pair of pliers.”

According to Yvandi, her thongs have been as good as new since administering this cheap DIY repair. Nice!

Obviously, your chance of success will depend on the extent of the damage and your make of thong. Yvandi was using the popular and widespread brand Havaianas.

In any event, carrying around a nut and washer in your pocket is a pretty small price to pay for a chance at instant thong repair. If nothing else, it should help to hold things together until you get home – which is vastly preferable to scorched feet.

[Via Ask Out Loud]


  • In my experience, when this happens, the issue is that the strap remains completely intact, but has somehow dislodged itself from the base. It’s tricky to push it back through without breaking the rubber nub (the thing the nut is trying to replace in this hack) or the base itself (which would just cause it to keep happening).

  • You can also use a the clip from a bread bag to resolve it for a little while, usually lasts a couple of weeks.

    • Neat, sneak into the supermarket and see if there are any loose ones lying around on the floor … or on a loaf of stale bread…

  • Hi,

    If anyone perhaps has some old slim havaianas thongs or just straps, than I would like to buy those. Also my strap did break


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