Get The Perfect Crust On Smaller Meats With An Aluminium Foil-Lined BBQ

If you like your burgers, kabobs, fish and steaks to be juicy on the inside and a little crispy on the outside, this trick will take your BBQ game to the next level. Chef Grant Crilly from the ChefSteps YouTube channel explains an easy way to get a great crust on any smaller cut of meat when you're cooking on a charcoal BBQ.

Before you get your coals lit (ideally in a chimney starter), line the inside of your grill with aluminium foil. Make sure the shiny side is facing in. This will reflect heat back into the cooking area and let you cook meats at a much higher temperature than normal.

This method allows you to sear the meat and seal in all of its juices, all while creating a semi-crispy crust. Keep in mind, this technique isn't meant for larger portions of meat like pork shoulders or ribs, so stick to the smaller stuff. You can check out a video demonstration above.

Get a Killer Crust on Grilled Meats [ChefSteps]


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