Elevate Home-Cooked Steak Dinners By Pre-Heating Your Plates

Elevate Home-Cooked Steak Dinners By Pre-Heating Your Plates

Restaurants use a clever trick to make their steaks seem better than the ones you cook at home, and it’s all in the plating. You can easily use the same trick at home and make your already great steak dinners even better.

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As Brittany Burke at The Kitchn explains, heating your plate before serving keeps that perfectly cooked medium-rare steak from turning cold after the first few bites. Your steak stays warm longer, which means it stays irresistibly delicious longer. The best way to heat your plates, according to Burke, is with your oven. Turn it down to the lowest setting, stick a couple plates in the oven on a baking sheet, then let them bake for a few minutes. You can also stack a few plates on your stovetop burners and let the heat radiate into the middle plates you’re going to use. Either way, you’ll have a steak that keeps warm until you’ve devoured every last bite.

The Secret To Perfect Steak: Start With Warm Meat

In our never-ending quest for steak perfection, we found one more trick to add to your cooking technique. It comes from esteemed food genius Harold McGee, who says you should make sure the steaks are warm before you cook them.

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