Degrease Sauces And Meats With A Turkey Baster

Degrease Sauces And Meats With A Turkey Baster

Basting turkeys is a waste of time. Put the turkey baster to better use as a degreasing tool.

The Kitchn shows us that you use the turkey baster to suction up the liquid right below the fat line of a sauce or gravy. It’s quicker and easier than skimming the fat off or waiting for everything to cool. shares another similar usage: After browning meat in a pan, you can remove the excess grease at the bottom with a turkey baster.

So you don’t have to get rid of that seldom used kitchen tool. Use it for sucking up grease and making perfectly shaped pancakes.

Kitchen Shortcuts: Degrease Sauces with a Turkey Baster [The Kitchn]

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