Dealhacker: Vaya’s Offering 9GB Of Mobile Data A Month For $36

Dealhacker: Vaya’s Offering 9GB Of Mobile Data A Month For $36

Budget telco provider Vaya has just announced one of the best postpaid mobile deals we’ve seen in a long while. its Unlimited XL plan now comes with 9GB of data for just $36 a month.

For a limited time, Vaya is offering customers an extra gigabyte of monthly data on its Unlimited XL plan, bringing the total to 9GB for just $36 a month.

There’s no lock-in contract and the deal also includes Vaya’s Price Beat Guarantee, which automatically matches competitors’ prices on comparable, non-promotional 4G plans. (If a competitor beats it on price, Vaya also provides the next month for free.)

Customers can also opt for a 12-month plan with the same data cap by paying $396 upfront. This works out to a slightly cheaper $33 per month. It also protects you against Vaya increasing its pricing or lowering its data allowance moving forward. [Update: Vaya has promised to keep customers on this plan even if the inclusions change in the future.]

In addition to the 9GB monthly data cap, the Unlimited XL plan boasts unlimited local calls, unlimited voicemail and unlimited local SMS/MMS. (International phone calls cost extra.)

The updated XL plan is available now on Vaya’s website which you can find here.


  • Ok, but before even *considering* this what’s their coverage and reception like in city/urban/outer urban and rural areas like?

    • They just resell optus. You could check out the optus maps.

      By the way – Optus currently has a 12GB plan (with unlimited calls/texts) for $40. An extra $4/month for 3GB seems like a no brainer.

      Plus, Vaya did a bit of a dodgy with their customers a couple of years ago. They told customers who were already under contract that they would be charged an additional “security fee” to make up for people who weren’t paying their bills. It was an absurd way to treat customers who were paying their bills. When I left, they didn’t automatically refund the first month they took in advance too. It took two weeks to get a resolution.

      Basically, they suck. Just go with Optus.

      • With optus right now, haven’t found any worries with their plans as such but I’m switching to prepaid soon. Great info there @tazza, thanks 🙂

      • Yeah, I with with Vaya when all that went down. Trying to get back what they owed me was a nightmare as well. Stay well clear people.

  • How sad – I look at this couple and I think; rather them engaging, they’ve got their heads buried in their phones…


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