Build Your Own Desk Accessories With Leftover 4x4 Pieces

Video: Want to add a little DIY to your desk? YouTuber Patrick Soriano shows off how to use an old piece of 4x4 to make a couple of different desk accessories.

All you need to do is grab a small, 15cm piece of 4x4 and cut that down a little bit. From there, you make a few cuts to create the holder at the front of the accessory, then drill holes for either a succulent or some pens. It's a super easy project that just about anyone can do provided you have the tools. You'll find everything you need, including the templates, over on YouTube.

A Simple and Modern Desk Accessory DIY [YouTube]

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    Haven't seen anything that looks even remotely like that on my Toyota.

    Came here to see what i could do with a broken winch and coil spacers. Was disappointed.

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