Briefly: Cat Killer, Tom Brady Diet, Super Mario Odyssey Teardown

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Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: a virus is killing Sydney's cats, Super Mario Odyssey trailer analysis, meet the body hacker trying to become a human vibrator.

  • A killer virus – a feline enteritis causing severe gastroenteritis – has hit Sydney’s domestic cat population. Business Insider has the report.
  • For years, Rich Lee has been beset by a dream of becoming a human sex vibrator. Now, a biohack experiment is turning the dream into reality. Ew.
  • Tom Brady is widely considered to be the greatest NRL quarterback of all time. Here is what he eats to stay in peak condition at an age most players have already retired
  • Need proof that Nintendo fans are a little too obsessive for their own good? Behold this hour-and-a-half analysis of the Super Mario Odyssey trailer - which only ran for three minutes.
  • Australia Post's CEO Ahmed Fahour is officially the world's most expensive postie, taking home a cool $5.6 million. Many reckon that's way too much money - including our Prime Minister.


    Re: Tom Brady's food. I'm afraid his chef lost me at "If it’s not organic, I don’t use it".

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