Be An Excellent Host And Give Out Bagels As Party Favours

You know what I miss about primary school birthday parties? The party favours. Adults should give more party favours and, according to Kelly Conaboy of the Hairpin, those party favours should be bagels.

Photo by Ruocaled.

This may sound silly, but imagine this: You wake up the morning after a raging party. You stumble into your kitchen, bleary-eyed, and suddenly remember the bagel your host handed you on the way to your taxi. You toast it (because toasting bagels is fine and good) and silently thank your gracious, thoughtful host.

To give your party friends this wonderful gift, just buy some good bagels the day before, wrap them in some baking paper and put them in little bags along with a packet of cream cheese. Sit back, relax and wait for the “thank you” texts the morning after your shindig.

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