Ask For A Discount On A New Item If You Break Something Out Of Warranty


Let’s say you break your watch or some other item or device. You check your warranty, and bummer: it’s expired. If you’re planning to buy a replacement, try asking the company for a discount.

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At Rather Be Shopping, Kyle James explains how he discovered this tip when his Fitbit broke:

…unfortunately, it was out of warranty by over a year. But on a whim I went ahead and contacted Fitbit via live chat and explained the situation… The live chat operator offered me a sweet one-time 25 per cent discount towards the purchase of a new tracker. A 25 per cent discount that is way better than any coupon I could find at over a dozen popular coupon websites.

James explains that he passed the tip onto a friend who had success with a Logitech item. Of course, these are just two examples and your own experience will vary. It’s purely at the whim of the company and customer service rep, but it’s certainly worth asking, especially since many companies are happy to offer coupons for your business.

For more details, check out James’ full post.

Product Out of Warranty? Ask Company For a Coupon on a Replacement [Rather Be Shopping]


  • Let’s say you break your watch or some other item or device. You check your warranty, and bummer: it’s expiredWell if you break it, that ain’t covered under the warranty anyways.
    But yes, if a product develops a fault outside of statutory/manufacturer warranty, that’s a good tip.
    I’ve dealt with the support at both those companies (Fitbit and Logitech) over the years and they’ve both been pretty good.

  • The whole notion of a manufacturer stipulated warranty period is a fallacy. Australian Consumer Law provides a statutory guarantee for an expected reasonable length of time for any product.

    Importantly an exact time limit isn’t specified. As that would require defining “reasonable”. So apply the pub test next time something you bought new fails rather than just assuming that the manufacturer can wash their hands on day 366 of ownership.

    As an example, our coffee machine broke after almost 3 years of ownership. The manufacturer’s quoted warranty period was 2 years. Expecting to have to pay for the repair, instead they did it for free without me even asking.

    Decent service deserves to be named – good on you, Breville-AU.

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