Ask Auto Mechanics To Show You The Problem To Avoid Getting Ripped Off

Ask Auto Mechanics To Show You The Problem To Avoid Getting Ripped Off

Most mechanics aren’t looking to cheat you out of money, but auto repairs are expensive. That goes double for the ones you don’t need. Asking your mechanic just one simple question can help you avoid any issues.

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According to mechanic Charles Sanville of The Humble Mechanic blog, you should always ask your mechanic to show you the problem before they do any repairs. Simply ask to see the part that’s failing and they should be able to show you.

Even if you’re not a car expert, you can probably tell when something looks broken or worn out. Not only will seeing the problem help them explain what’s wrong, but you might learn something too. If they can’t show you what’s wrong, ask them why. And if they don’t give you a good explanation, you might want to find a new mechanic.

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  • Funnily enough, my mum did this exact thing when she had her car fixed recently. The day before she saw her surgeon, who showed her photos of the inside of her knee that she’d just had scraped (not something she wanted to see, mind you). So when she spoke to the mechanic the next day, she figured if the surgeon can show her what was wrong with the inside of her knee, the mechanic can do the same with her car, so she asked for photos, which the mechanic provided, albeit after being a little shocked having been asked

  • I good mechanic should be happy to show you the broken part, and why you should replace it/its function.

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