Are You Still Interested In Jailbreaking Your iPhone?

Are You Still Interested In Jailbreaking Your iPhone?

Jailbreaking used to be pretty common amongst iPhone users, but it seems like interest has died out recently. So, we want to hear it, are you still interested in jailbreaking your iPhone?

The latest jailbreak, which tackles iOS 10-10.2 on a select devices is still in beta, and while we’re waiting for that to support the newest version of iOS, 10.2.1 and newer devices, like the iPhone 7, we figured it was a good time to ask if anyone’s even interested in jailbreaking anymore.

Do you care? If you do, why do you jailbreak? Let us know in the comments!


  • I don’t root Android anymore. It’s filled all the gaps I cared about plus, it’s just a whole lot harder now with the increased security.

  • Before iOS 10 it was like an addiction but since upgrading I haven’t felt like I’ve needed it anymore. Most of the tweaks I used are more or less natively implemented now.

    I’ve been jailbreaking since iOS 3 but I think for me personally iOS is now in a position where those days are gone.

  • Of course I am still going to jailbreak. It’s a no brainer.
    While I do buy the Paid Apps, it’s the ridiculous In-App Purchases I will not touch with real money. I don’t care what others say. That feature is what ruins the game for 99.99% of people.
    And I am talking about off server games, not online server ones.

  • There are a couple of reasons I am interested in jailbreaking iOS, but they aren’t important enough for me to actually do it.

  • iOS 10 integrated everything I hated about the standard Android interface into iOS. Jellybean got everything I liked about iOS and integrated it into Android, so I’ve switched to an Android phone and haven’t looked back.

    When apple removed ‘swipe to unlock’ from their interface, I removed apple from my life. Now I could care less what they do.

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