All The Ways Social Media Affects Your Hireability [Infographic]

All The Ways Social Media Affects Your Hireability [Infographic]

As you’re doubtlessly aware, anything you publicly share online can end up in the hands of a prospective boss when you apply for a new job. Indeed, the number of employers actively searching social media accounts has increased by 500 per cent in the last decade.

You might think your social media accounts are private and/or faux-pas free – but it definitely pay to double check. As this infographic from Rawhide explains, there are many ways your social media “brand” can affect your chances at landing a new job – for better or for worse.

The infographic below provides a handy snapshot of dos and dont’s for prospective employees to follow when it comes to social media. Some should be obvious to anyone (don’t join racist groups or make sexist “jokes”) while others are less obvious (believe or not, typos on the ultra-casual Twitter platform can still work against you.)

In addition to various tips, the graphic also explains why your LinkedIn profile is perhaps more important than you might think. If your professional profile needs an update, now is the time.