Use A Hair Dryer To Fix A Candle That Won’t Light

Use A Hair Dryer To Fix A Candle That Won’t Light

If you have a candle with a buried wick there’s no need to go digging around. This simple trick will get your candle lighting in no time.

In this video from the ehowhome YouTube channel, candle maker Jeffrey Schumacher shows off a clever method for finding the wick in a stubborn candle. Grab a heat gun or hair dryer — Schumacher uses a heat gun — and heat up the top layer of the candle, then pour the melted wax into a garbage can, paper towel or some other container if you want to save it for something. This method ensures the candle wax liquefies evenly across the top surface and helps you avoid a mess.

How to Fix a Lost Wick in a Candle : Basic Candle Making [YouTube via Mental Floss]


  • or you know, turn the candle upside down to and use the flame to melt the wick out into fresh air. its only a small amount of wax, and if you do it on a slight angle the melted wax just runs along the surface of the still hard wax.

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