This Week’s Top Downloads

This Week’s Top Downloads

Every week, we share a number of downloads for all platforms to help you get things done. Here were the top downloads from this week.

Google Voice Gets Group Texts, MMS, and a New Look After Years of Stagnation

Congratulations Google Voice loyalists. Your time has finally come. After years of languishing on the vine, Google has finally updated its phone service with a new look and some new features for its Android, iOS, and web clients.

RansomFree Proactively Protects Your Computer Against Ransomware Attacks

Windows: RansomFree is a new tool that promises to stop ransomware attacks before they can get busy encrypting all of your data. Instead of watching specific processes or trying to use signatures to identify ransomware, it observes the behaviour of running processes instead, warning you when something’s up.

The First Builds of Lineage OS, CyanogenMod’s Successor, Are Now Live

While CyanogenMod, the most popular custom ROM for Android, may be dead, its spirit lives on in Lineage OS. Now, the first builds of that ROM are available for the Nexus 6P, 5X, and a few other devices.

Blynk Makes Creating Mobile Apps to Power Arduino or Raspberry Pi Projects a Little Easier

Android/iOS: If you want to control a Raspberry Pi or Arduino connected device from your phone, you’d usually need to know at least some programming. Blynk is an app that makes it easier to control those devices from your phone.

Wine, the Software That Helps You Run Windows Apps on Mac and Linux, Hits Version 2.0

Mac/Linux: Wine has long been the best free, open source tool for running Windows apps on Mac and Linux. Today, it has finally hitting version 2.0, bringing along support for Microsoft Office 2013, 64-bit software on Mac, and more.

Writefull Analyses the Context of Phrases You Use to Improve Your Writing

Chrome/Windows/Mac/Linux: If you’ve ever had a phrase on the tip of your tongue, you probably took to Google to search for the right wording. Writefull does this work for you. It’s a free, helps improve your writing, compares phrases, shows you how they’re worded depending on the context, suggests synonyms, and more.

Netflix Makes It Easy for Android Users to Save Movies to an SD Card

When Netflix launched the feature to save movies and shows to your phone, it was a pain for Android users to save those movies to an SD card. Now, Netflix has been updated to simplify matters.

The Monochrome Arch Desktop

Reader Linux Jess submitted this monochrome desktop, powered by Arch Linux, to our Desktop Showcase, and we couldn’t help but feature it. It’s clean, elegant, and simple to reproduce. Here’s how.

Self Control, the Brute-Force Distraction Blocker, Lands on the iPhone

iOS: Self Control made a name for itself for being serious about blocking out distractions — you couldn’t just turn the app off, or reboot your computer, to make it go away. Now, an app inspired by the original has landed on the iPhone, offering a similar no-nonsense approach to keeping you focused on what’s important.

The Cheapest NBN 50 Plans

Here are the cheapest plans available for Australia’s most popular NBN speed tier.

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