The Nintendo Classic NES Mini Is Back On Sale In Australia

Buy Nintendo Classic NES Mini online

The Nintendo Classic Mini NES was arguably the most sought-after video game product of 2016. Unfortunately, a drastic shortage of available units meant most Aussies missed out. Well, the good news is that EB Games has finally received fresh stock - and you can buy one right now.

At the time of writing, you can buy the Nintendo Classic Mini NES from EB Games' online store for $99.95. Click here to purchase one right now.

If you're keen, we advise being quick about it - there's no telling how many units EB Games have in stock and if demand is still high the website could crash again.

There’s a limit of one per customer which should hopefully limit the scalpers. Let us know if you manage to bag one!



    Got one this time finally. Thanks to the post on ozbargain :)

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