Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3: Australian Specs And Pricing

The Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 (CM3) has just been launched and it comes with twice the RAM and around 10 times the CPU performance than its original predecessor. Here’s what you need to know about CM3, including specs and local pricing.

The CM3 is based on the Raspberry Pi 3 hardware and is intended for industrial use to provide a cost-effective way for people to make customised products based on the Pi hardware and software platform. The Compute Module line is smaller and has less features and ports than a regular Raspberry Pi, which makes it suitable for Internet of Things (IoT) products.

“The module uses a standard DDR2 SODIMM form factor, sockets for which are made by several manufacturers, are easily available, and are inexpensive,” Raspberry Pi COO and hardware lead James Adams said in a blog post.

There are two versions of the CM3. Here are the specs for both of them:


  • BCM2837 processor at up to 1.2GHz
  • 1GBRAM
  • 4GB of on-module eMMC flash


  • BCM2837 processor at up to 1.2GHz
  • 1GBRAM
  • SD card interface on Module pins so a user can wire this up to an eMMC or SD card of their choice

Both versions can be slotted into a newly released Compute Module IO Board V3 (CMIO3) which lets you do the following:

  • Provides necessary power to the CM3
  • Allows you to program the CM3 Standard’s flash memory or to use an SD card on the Lite version.
  • Access the processor interfaces in a slightly more friendly fashion (pin headers and flexi connectors, much like the Pi)
  • Provides the necessary HDMI and USB connectors so that you have an entire system that can boot Raspbian (or the OS of your choice).

“This board provides both a starting template for those who want to design with the Compute Module, and a quick way to start experimenting with the hardware, and building and testing a system, before going to the expense of fabricating a custom board,” Adam said.

The older Compute Module model will still be made available, for those who don’t need the CM3’s performance boost. According to the Raspberry Pi official magazine The MagPi:

“With a few caveats, the CM3 can be used a drop-in replacement for the CM1 since they are pin compatible; the CM3 is 1mm taller, however, while the CPU can pull a lot more current from the VBAT power supply line and will generate far more heat under heavy load.”


The Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 and Compute Module IO are available through Rasberry Pi Foundation’s Australian partners RS Components and element14.

RS Components is selling the CM3 Standard for $52.46, CM3 Lite for $42.74 and the Computer Module IO board for $186.58. All prices exclude shipping.

element14 is selling the CM3 Standard for $42.08 and CM3 for $34.85.

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