Life Is So Much Easier With Labelled Plugs

Life Is So Much Easier With Labelled Plugs

Some life hacks seem so obvious when you see them.

“Why didn’t I think of that?”

That’s precisely what I thought when I wandered into the Lifehacker kitchen today.

We have an array of kitchen appliances, but not enough wall sockets. We have a sandwich press, a hand blender, a coffee machine, a kettle, an egg boiling thing… the list goes on.

So quite often, if you want to use an appliance, there’s a lot of fiddling around trying to figure out when plug is attached to which appliance.

Now that problem has been solved.

Some smart bugger in the office (I’ve yet to find out who) has labelled all of the appliances AT THE PLUG section. It’s pure genius.

I’m already planning to do this at home. I have a silly amount of consoles plugged into my television and trying to figure out what’s what in that terrifying rat’s nest of cables is a constant struggle.

The solution has been right in front of me the whole time.


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