Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted bad interview etiquette, mortgage calculators and the best films of the 21st century. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from last week.

  1. Four Moves You Might Not Realise Make You Look Unprofessional In An Interview
    By this point, you know not to apply to any jobs with an email address that screams, “I created this in the eighth grade!” So, you’re no longer [email protected] as far as your prospective employers are concerned. You also know not to show up late for the interview. And you have a firm grasp on the importance of making eye contact and delivering a solid handshake.
  2. This Mortgage Calculator Shows You How Much You’ll Pay Over Time
    Most mortgage calculators will tell you how much your monthly payment will be or even how much total interest you’ll pay each month compared to the principal. This calculator shows you that, but it includes more detailed information on how much you’ll pay over time, too.
  3. The 25 Best Films Of The 21st Century, And Where To Watch Them
    There have been a lot of great films released since the year 2000, but some of them stood above the rest and elevated the medium to a whole new level of storytelling. These are the 25 best films of the 21st century according to film critics around the globe, and where you can watch them for yourself.
  4. Is It Legal To Record Someone Committing A Crime?
    In the digital age of smartphones and instant messaging, it has never been easier to record and send videos and conversations involving other people. App features such as Instastory and Snapchat’s instantaneous video messaging abilities allow users to share real-time events and conversations to their friends and the public.
  5. The Factors That Could Delay Your Mortgage Approval

    There’s a massive amount of paperwork you have to send over when you apply for a mortgage. Before your loan is officially approved, one false move could stall the process and lead to even more paperwork. points out a few factors that can hold up your approval.
  6. Ask LH: Do RFID Blockers Actually Do Anything?
    Hi Lifehacker, a lot of people are trying sell RFID blockers to protect your card against getting skimmed via paywave while you are out and about. I was wondering if this was a thing that can actually happen or if they are just scaremongering to sell a product? Regards, Leon.
  7. What I Wish I Knew Before Working Remotely Around The World
    In the last 14 months, I’ve been home for only two. The other 12 were spent vagabonding around the planet, working on my laptop in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Paris, Barcelona, and more. It sounds wonderful, and I was certainly privileged to do so, but I learned quickly that while rewarding, it also brought real, serious mental and physical health challenges.
  8. What We’ve Learned About Being Good Airbnb Hosts After Nine Months
    One month after moving into a two-bedroom above our budget, my New York City roommate and I explored ways to make some extra money. We had used Airbnb as travellers and wondered about becoming hosts.
  9. 13 Ways To Start Eating Better This Year
    As motivated as you are now to turn over a new leaf, you won’t really transform your eating habits overnight. Eating healthy is both a skill and a habit that takes time to develop. To get you started, these are 14 of our no-frills, no-BS articles to set you straight on the path to better health.
  10. Things You Were Taught At School That Are Wrong
    Do you remember being taught you should never start your sentences with “And” or “But”? What if I told you that your teachers were wrong and there are lots of other so-called grammar rules that we’ve probably been getting wrong in our English classrooms for years?

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