How To Tell Exactly The Right Amount Of Cologne Or Perfume To Put On

How To Tell Exactly The Right Amount Of Cologne Or Perfume To Put On

You don’t want your fragrance to overwhelm anyone around you, but it can be hard to tell the right amount that’s actually pleasant when you’re the one putting it on. Here’s how to always apply the perfect amount.

First, a simple tip to keep in mind: Your arm’s length away (hold both of your arms out to either side) is your maximum smellable distance. Inside that, people should first be able to notice your cologne or perfume. Beyond that, and you’re probably wearing too much.

You can find out how many spritzes it takes to get to that point by applying one spritz, rubbing it in, and then asking a friend at arm’s distance to see if they can smell your fragrance. If not, add another spritz and try again. Repeat until you reach the perfect number of spritzes. You may need to do this for each different fragrance you wear. If you’re alone and don’t have anyone to give you that sanity check, consider one or two spritzes the maximum.

Finally, instead of bathe in it or spray it all over your body, apply cologne or perfume on your wrists and rub it in, and maybe apply any excess behind your ears. These points allow you and others to enjoy the scent without it being overwhelming or sticking to your clothes rather than your skin.

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