Find The Best Spots For Houseplants In Your Home With The ‘Shadow Trick’

If you want to brighten up your home with some lush greenery, it’s important to consider what level of lighting those houseplants will need. This trick will help you determine whether an area in your home is suitable for certain plants.

Christopher Satch, a plant scientist at The Sill, explains in this video from the Digg YouTube channel. To determine light levels in your home, Satch recommends you use the “shadow trick”. Put your hand between the plant and its light source. A shadow with clear distinct lines means you have bright light, so for plants like the Staghorn Fern, Air Plants and Norfolk Island Pine. A fuzzier shadow means you have medium or indirect light, which is ideal for Fittonia, Begonia and Bird’s Nest Fern. And no shadow means you have low light, which is great for plants like Marble Pothos, Arrowhead, ZZ plant and Peperomia.

How To Be An Adult: Choosing The Perfect Plant For Your Home [YouTube]

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