Devein And Peel Prawns Like A Pro

Peeling and deveining prawns isn’t rocket science, but far too many of us consider it a hassle and just buy cooked prawns instead. In this video, chef David Lefevre shows us how to do is cleanly, and how to make a flavorful court boullion to poach those prawns in, all at the same time.

Chef Lefevre explains that this method is a little more work than just ripping the shells off, but you do get the skills required to both peel and devein at the same time with no special tools — all you need is a knife. The court boullion is just cake, though, and a great, flavorful way to poach prawns and infuse them with tons of flavour. If you’re not keen on that preparation method, you can still take away the peeling and deveining method.

That method, of course, is fairly simple. Grab a paring knife, and cut straight from the top of the prawns down the back to just above the tail. From there you should be able to open the back of the orawns cleanly and remove the vein, or rinse it out with a little water. Then pinch the end of the tail and peel the shell around the prawns in one movement (Don’t throw the shells away!) From here, you can leave the tail on for serving, or you can remove it yourself just by pulling it (gently!) off. Press play on the video above for a demonstration.

How to Poach, Peel and Devein Shrimp [Indulgence (YouTube)]

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