Build A Huge Floating Shelf With A Hidden Storage Compartment 

Video: Floating shelves are a great way to mount a huge shelf to the wall so it looks natural, but YouTuber DIY Creators took that to the next level with a 2.5m-long shelf that has a storage compartment on the end.

The shelf itself is great looking, but the kicker here is the compartment on the end that essentially works as a hidden storage compartment. There’s also an LED strip below that lights up. Since this is really just a big box, the project only requires a basic understanding of woodworking, but you’ll still need a good selection of tools to get the job done. You’ll find everything you need over on YouTube.

8ft Floating Shelf with Hidden Storage [YouTube]

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  • You would think that a shelving unit would give you all the storage that you already need but this one really takes the cake! In any case, you can never say no to more storage in the house, especially concealed storage to help you keep the unsightly stuff out of view!

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