An Easy Way To Peel Charred Capsicum That Leaves You With Tasty Stock

Roasting capsicum for soups and stews is by no means a tough task, but peeling them can be a bit annoying. Though removing the skins under running water can help them slip off easily, you end up washing a bunch of flavour down the drain. Luckily, Serious Eats has a solution: peel them in a bowl of stock.

Photos by J. Kenji López-Alt.

As Sho Spaeth explains in the article linked below, slipping the skins off in a bowl of water or stock lets you hang on to all sorts of tasty goodness:

It's almost as easy as doing it under running water, but you'll notice that, particularly if you're using a bowl of water, the liquid will begin to take on colour from the [capsicum] and their charred skin — all the flavour that would normally go down the drain remains in the bowl.

You can then strain the skins from the liquid and use it in place of water or stock for even more peppery goodness.

A Better Way to Skin Charred Peppers for Chillis, Soups, and Stews [Serious Eats]


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