Six Important Money Lessons To Teach Your Kids [Infographic]

Six Important Money Lessons To Teach Your Kids [Infographic]

Kids are ready to learn about saving, spending, and more at fairly young ages — but they need your help to really understand. This graphic gives some great suggestions for lessons you can teach kids at each age.

For example, they suggest that three to six-year-olds may be ready to save up for a toy by putting money into an envelope with a picture of the toy on it. When they hit five, they’re probably ready to start working small jobs around the house to earn extra spending money.

The suggestions go on up to giving your 11 to 13 year old a budget for holiday gifts, and comparing college tuition prices with your teenager.

[Via OnStride Financial]


  • One of the biggest money lessons my Dad taught me was about gambling. An innocent game that ended up stacked way in his favour with the whole “double or nothing thing”. I think I ended up “owing” him about $100 (which when you earn $2 a week pocket money is heaps). I didn’t have to end up paying, but man, what a lesson. Still not into gambling 33 years later.

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