5 Ways Google's Pixel Trumps The iPhone

If you're planning to migrate from iOS to Android it's hard to look past the Google Pixel manufactured by HTC. In addition to being one of the best Android smartphones on the market it is demonstrably superior to the iPhone 7 in several important ways; including display quality and battery life. This video lists five things Google's Pixel phone can do that the iPhone can't.

What is the most important quality in a smartphone? Is it a good-quality screen? Decent battery life? Fast charging? These are just three ways that the Google Pixel smartphone trumps the latest iPhone. You can see the proof in the above video from Business Insider. Of course, there are several ways that the iPhone trounces Pixel too, but if you like both operating systems equally, the "winner" is clear-cut.

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    Yes, the winner is clear and it's the iPhone because the ability to have my device serviced or replaced at ease, regardless of where I purchased it or where I am presently in the first world, trumps.

      Are you saying IPhones are easy to break? Good point.

        Darn straight they break and I've had to have my 6 replaced twice, one due to a malfunctioning speaker and the other I can't recall… that's just a reality of having an electronic device.

    Clutching at straws much? Maybe just learn how to look after your expensive toys...

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