YouTube Roundup: Hack Doom, 14 Hour Punching, Floppy Disk Camera

Image: Kotaku

Here are the best online videos of the week, including: Play Doom on a tiny screen on a keyboard, punching marathon, what digital cameras used before SD cards.

  • The Optimus Maximus keyboard has re-programmable LCD keys. Someone has made it so they can play Doom on one of the keys. [Gizmodo Australia]
  • Streamer Spends 14 Hours Punching Let It Die's Toughest Enemy To Death. I don't want this headline to die. [Kotaku Australia]
  • Did you know that some of the earliest digital cameras used floppy disks to store photos that are taken? [Gizmodo Australia]
  • Here's why everybody lost their minds at a Dota 2 tournament last week. [Kotaku Australia]
  • Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt throw playground insults at each other. [YouTube]


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