You Can Customise The Look Of Cortana On Android

Microsoft has rolled out a new update for Cortana on Android that allows users to customise the accent colour in the app. Surprisingly, this feature is not yet available for Cortana on Windows 10.

At the beginning of the month, Microsoft brought out an update for its digital assistant Cortana on Android and iOS that changed the accent colour in the app to purple. The video above runs through the changes that were implemented. The newest update for Android lets you pick a different accent colour. There are now four choices: purple, blue, green and black.

It may be a small change, but it's interesting to note that Microsoft has yet to revamp the look of Cortana on Windows 10, which is looking slightly dated compared to the Android and iOS versions. Maybe Microsoft is merely testing the waters on other platforms to see what works and what doesn't before it deploys changes to Windows 10 Cortana.



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