Would You Infect Another Person With Ransomware To Unlock Your Own Files?

We’ve heard about ransomware that operates as a franchise. Now there’s a ransomware that runs a referral program; infect two other people and you’ll get to unlock your files for free. Here’s the million-dollar question: Would you do it?

The ransomware is called Popcorn Time and it encrypts files on Windows computers then gives victims two options to unlock their files:

  1. Pay a ransom of around $US800 within seven days
  2. Infect two other users by sending them a malicious link to click on

It’s pretty evil, but the criminals behind Popcorn Time obviously believe some people will go with option two; victims may have no qualms sending the link to their enemies and will be given a free decryption key if two or more people click through and become infected.

So we want to know: Would you spread ransomware to people you don’t like just to unlock your own encrypted files? Tell us in the comments and give us your reasoning.

[Bleeping Computer]

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