Use These Beautiful And Inexpensive Flowers In Your Next Bouquet

Use These Beautiful and Inexpensive Flowers in Your Next Bouquet

Crafting your own bouquets is an easy way to save money while still giving a beautiful gift. Here are some inexpensive flowers to use in your next bouquet that will look gorgeous, but cost less than the pricier cuts at your local florist..

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You've likely seen these before in pricey bouquets, but you'll save money picking them yourself:

Once you have your variety of flowers in mind, you can use other tricks (like buying flowers in the same colour family) to make your bouquet look even more professional. Hit the link below for a full list of inexpensive flowers, what colours they come in, and their seasons.

Top 10 Most Inexpensive (But Totally Beautiful!) Flowers [The Knot]


    In many societies Chrysanthemums carry positive symbolism. In Italy they are used for commemorating the dearly departed in November, when they blossom, by placing them on tombstones. To give chrysanthemums to a (living) Italian may make them think you wish them dead. Then again they'd probably see it as a cultural misunderstanding if done by a foreigner.

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