The Calm, Blue Desktop

The Calm, Blue Desktop

Maikasenpai‘s desktop is a calm sea, a respite from the tumult of the world, and we love it. It’s a simple thing, but tweaked just enough to make it personal. Here’s how it’s all set up.

Maikasenpai is using Rainmeter, which we’ve highlighted before, as an easy way to bring a littler personalisation and customisation to the Windows desktop.

Once you’re familiar with it, here are the other pieces you’ll need to duplicate the look:

That’s all there is to this one. There’s plenty of room to add more widgets if you’d like, or just keep the same clean and minimal look as miakasenpai has here. If you like the look — or just have questions about how to make it your own, hit the link below to miakasanpai’s Kinja blog and sing your praises there!

Calm, Blue Waves [miakasenpai]