The Australian Word Of The Year Is ‘Democracy Sausage’

Wait a minute, isn’t that two words?

I mean come on, at least make it hyphenated. Give me something.

According to The Australian National Dictionary Centre, based at The Australian National University, the ‘word’ democracy sausage was chosen because of its prominence during a year of Australian elections.

“Arguably, the democracy sausage has been one of the best things to come out of a tumultuous year in politics and political campaigning,” Dr Amanda Laugesen said.

“Its use was also boosted by a controversial incident where Opposition Leader Bill Shorten – who noted his sausage sandwich was ‘the taste of democracy’ – ate his sausage from the middle.”

I’m not sure I can get behind this.


Other words up for consideration were census fail, smashed avo, shoey, deplorables and Ausexit. I could definitely have gone for ‘shoey’ being the Australian word of the year. It might be the most Australian word of all time.


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