Teach Your Kids To Code Through Minecraft With This New Tutorial

Learn to codeImage: Lifehacker

Last year, Code.org and Microsoft launched a tutorial that teaches youngsters coding skills through Minecraft. There is now a new Minecraft coding tutorial available.

All of this is part of Code.org's Hour of Code program that aims to encourage young people to pick up coding skills, even if they aren't interested in pursuing a career in IT.

Programming skills are valuable for people of all ages in our increasingly digital world. The Minecraft tutorials aim to create a fun environment for kids to learn in. The new one-hour lesson is called Minecraft Designer and it includes a set of 12 challenges that allow players to combine blocks of code to control the behaviours of creature in the game.

While the tutorials are aimed at kids, there's no reason why adults can't learn from them as well if they want to get started in programming. You can find the Minecraft lessons here.

Code.org also has a large range of non-Minecraft lessons available as part of its Hour of Code program, which you can find here.


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