Make A Temporary Car Smartphone Mount With A Rubber Band

Make A Temporary Car Smartphone Mount With A Rubber Band

If you’re driving a rental or loaner and need a way to see the GPS on your phone, as long as you have a rubber band, you have a smartphone mount. You’ll also need a pen or any other object that can go through your car’s air conditioning vents.

Thread the rubber band through the top of the vent and pull it out through the bottom. Snap both ends around your phone, so that it’s held from the top and bottom. It won’t conceal your screen and still hold the phone in place, ready to use.

Obviously, the ideal solution is to buy one of a good smartphone mount, but if you’re in a rental or a friend’s vehicle, this is a nice trick to go hands-free and much easier than using office supplies.

5 Awesome Car Life Hacks [DaveHax (YouTube)]


  • Starting the obvious here probably but it’s worth mentioning that this ‘hack’ is only applicable if you’re using the phone entirely hands-free -nowhere is Australia can you touch a phone while driving, unless it’s in a commercial holder. In the SA, ACT and Tasmania you can’t use phone maps or navigation (but standalone navigators are okay), and if you’re a P-plater, in many states you can’t use a phone at all.

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