Make A Memorable First Impression By Dropping A ‘Did You Know?’

Make A Memorable First Impression By Dropping A ‘Did You Know?’

First impressions are tough because not only do you want to make a good impression, you want to make a memorable one. If you want to stand out from the crowd, give them a nugget of knowledge to chew on.

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Over at Fast Company, Annet Grant, CEO of Executive Speaking, Inc., recommends you offer them an interesting fact or useful information that they likely haven’t heard before. Just make sure it doesn’t come out of nowhere. After all, making a good first impression is about engaging with them, not impressing them with your knowledge or random facts. It’s best to relate your thought-provoking “did you know?” to the situation, yourself, or the person you’re talking to if possible. If you can find an opening, take it. Now you’ll be remembered as the person that taught them something interested and not “that one person whose hand I shook.”

Four Easy Ways to Make a Memorable First Impression [Fast Company]


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