Lovehacker: A Guide To Different Sexual Identities

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This week a friend asked what 'skoliosexual' meant, and this got me thinking. There are a plethora of romantic and sexual identities out there. It really isn't as simple as straight, gay and bi. But for anyone who may not have had exposure to people who identify with these terms, they may not know what they mean.

Here are just a few that you may have seen floating around.


Someone who is sexually attracted to non-binary individuals or people who don't identify as cisgender.


A person who can feel sexual and romantic attraction to anyone, regardless of their biological sex, gender, or gender identity.


Someone who experiences little to no sexual attraction. This doesn't mean they can't feel romantic attraction, the desire for affection or find someone aesthetically attractive.


Similar to asexuality, this is someone who doesn't feel romantic attraction. They can still form emotional and personal connections, but they will generally be platonic.


These are people who are on the spectrum between sexuality and asexuality, but tend to be slightly more towards the latter. Hyposexual, demisexual, semisexual and low sexual intensity can all fall under this inclusive umbrella.


Not feeling sexual attraction to someone unless you have forged a strong emotional bond with them


Similar to above, but the person can't feel romantic attraction without a strong emotional connection.


Someone who is sexually attracted to themselves. They can sometimes have difficulty being attracted to other people.


Someone who is attracted masculinity and people who present themselves as male, regardless of their sex or gender. The female version of this is Gynesexuality.


Someone who doesn't want their feelings to be reciprocated when experiencing romantic love.


Someone who rejects and doesn't subscribe to sexual orientation or labels.

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    Pomosexual - Someone who rejects and doesn't subscribe to sexual orientation or labels.

    Don't like labels? Too bad, there's a label for that!

    Last edited 01/12/16 2:08 pm

      Yeah, I have bad news for pomosexual individuals. If you've got a tin of baked beans in front of you and you take the label off it, it's still a tin of baked beans.

        Only until it is opened and one can observe the baked beans.

          Do the baked beans exist before being observed?

            Only if they are put in a box with a cat

              So are the baked beans dead or alive? I forgot what was being discussed now :'(

    This article could be shortened quite significantly if you deleted all the sexualities that were made up by Tumblr users. You'd basically have a blank page.

    society sure loves labels.
    why cant we just be...

    I'm starting to think all these names aren't to identify people. They're just to shit people off. As soon as you don't know the name for someone's particular niche you're a bigot.


      Last edited 02/12/16 12:11 pm

    Before I read this I was just confused.

    Now I have no fucking idea!

    This is just getting crazy.
    There are only 2 things we need to know: (1) we are ALL different to everyone else; (2) the mechanical bits come in only 2 varieties and were designed to work in a specific way.

    This begs the question, a guy walks into a womens toilet/change room to use the facilities, when questioned why he is in there he responds with "I identify as a woman". Who is anyone to tell that man otherwise?

    Last edited 02/12/16 2:53 pm

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