Learn About Cryptography With This Online Course And PDF Book

Learn About Cryptography With This Online Course And PDF Book

Cryptography is a massive subject, but one that’s becoming increasingly important for the average web developer. While you probably don’t need to know the intricate details of ciphers or Transport Layer Security (TLS), it can’t hurt to be a least somewhat educated. Enter “Crypto 101” — an online, “pre-release” book that will guide you through both the basic and advanced concepts of cryptography.

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The brainchild of security consultant and Python Software Foundation fellow Laurens Van Houtven, Crypto 101 isn’t just a PDF, but a complete course that includes teaching exercises. Everything you need can be found on the Crypto 101 GitHub repository, though the PDF is a good place to start.

If you’re wondering what’s covered, here’s a taste:

This book is intended as an introduction to cryptography for programmers of any skill level. It’s a continuation of a talk of the same name , which was given by the author at PyCon 2013. The structure of this book is very similar: it starts with very simple primitives, and gradually introduces new ones, demonstrating why they’re necessary. Eventually, all of this is put together into complete, practical cryptosystems, such as TLS, GPG and OTR.

For those curious about the course and book, hit up the website via the link below.

Crypto 101 [Official site]

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