The Easiest Pancake Recipe In The World

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This pancake recipe will change your life.

Well, the way you make pancakes, at least.

Are you ready?


  • 1 cup of self raising flour
  • 1 cup of lemonade
  • 1 egg
  • Butter


  • Mix in a bowl until combined
  • Heat frying pan
  • Melt a teaspoon or so of butter in the pan
  • Pour in desired amount of batter, flipping when bubbles appear on the surface
  • Eat your delicious, perfect, fluffy pancakes

If you need more batter, simply double the ingredients - it's that simple.

This was shared with me by my Aunty, and now it is my gift to you.

You're welcome.


    Same recipe, except I replace the lemonade with milk. I understand the reason for the lemonade, it's useful when making scones as well, but I don't think it's necessary when making pancakes.

      Same as above, but I replace the milk that originally replaced the lemonade with oat milk. It adds a hint of sweetness and tastes delicious :)

      I might have to try with lemonade still, sounds interesting.

      The lemonade adds a sweetness and a slight lemon flavour. It also helps the pancakes really fluff up.

    Thank you Aunty Johnston, maybe we have a new easiest pancake recipe!
    My old one was:
    1 cup of flour
    1 cup of self raising flour
    1 cup of sugar
    1 egg

    The lemonade is necessary to those who can't or don't like milk....singulis gustum. (individuals' taste)
    Maybe the milk bottle is nearly empty, just enough for a cup of tea or coffee, so make the pancakes with the lemonade in the 'fridge, eat breakfast then go to the shop and buy some milk.

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