How Long Is An Average-Sized Penis? [Infographic]

Image: iStock

"Is my penis smaller than average?" This is a question most men ask themselves at one point or another. The self-explanatory World Penis Data website attempts to provide an answer by collating the results from every study on the subject that are available online. To make things more accurate, the data has been divided into objective and self-reported measurements. As you'd expect, there's a significant discrepancy between the two.

It's worth noting that these numbers are based on a collection of averages from multiple studies, rather than individual measurements. Nevertheless, the results paint a pretty comprehensive picture:

The chief takeaway here is that most men think they have a six-inch erection, while scientific measurements suggest we are actually an inch shorter on average. In short, if your penis length exceeds 13 centimetres while erect, you are officially longer than average.

[Via World Penis Data]


    More interesting than a somewhat small worldwide average is that us Aussies have 15.7cm dongs whilst North Americans average out a full 1.5cm smaller at 14.2cm with brits just pipping them at the post with 14.3cm

      well that explains the big egos compensating for something...

      australia's method is self-report. nuff said.

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