Google Patches 12 Serious Vulnerabilities in Chrome

Google Patches 12 Serious Vulnerabilities in Chrome

If you use Google’s Chrome browser on Windows, Mac and Linux, update it now. Google has issued patches for 12 “high” and “medium” severity security flaws for Chrome.

The vulnerabilities were found as part of Google’s bug bounty program which paid out US$70,000 to security researchers that found a total of 26 bugs.

Five of the most serious bugs were linked to universal cross-site scripting vulnerabilities in Chrome’s Blink web engine. Another four were tied to PDFium, Chrome’s default PDF viewer, which could be used for a buffer overflow attack. Two of the bugs related to Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine.

You can find the full list of vulnerabilities here. Google is encouraging users to update to Chrome 55 (specifically Chrome 55.0.2883.75) which contains all the fixes for the security bugs.

Chrome 55 also automatically blocks Adoble Flash content, in favour of HTML5.

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