Find Out When You're Getting The NBN With One Click

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The company behind the National Broadband Network has updated its searchable rollout map to coincide with its revised three-year timetable. Want to know when the NBN is coming to your suburb? All you need to do is type your address into the website.

nbn's searchable rollout page has been available for months, but the site has now been extensively revised with more accurate data. In place of an 'available'/'not available' message, users now receive an estimated timeframe for completion in their suburb as well as what stage it's currently at. (The only exception is Hybrid Fibre Co-Axial (HFC) areas which will be added sometime in the new year.)

You can check your address here.


    Tried to sign up for email updates on that website. Their website wasn't functioning properly, so I reported it to them. The response was that they would contact me by MAIL when my area was likely to be upgraded.

    Speaks volumes about the IT competency of this organisation: can't get a simple subscription email list running and rely on the postal service for communication.

    Headline: "Find Out When You're Getting The NBN With One Click"
    Me: "Cool"
    *Enters address*
    Website: "Where you stand within the nbn™ rollout: Planned".

    Cool, good to know they still plan to one day cover eastern Melbourne suburbs.

    "nbn is committed to completing the rollout by 2020"

    yeah... suuuurrreee you are....

      This was a completely useless article. All the addresses I tried (in Adelaide) just return:

      "nbn is committed to completing the rollout by 2020"

      Can you update the article with an example suburb that actually does have definite plans or is being rolled out?

        Worked for me. Tried my address and said its planned for July-December 2017, tried a friends address says it's planned for Jan-March 2017. No problems at all.

    2020. great. especially considering my building does not/will not have a copper connection...

    Thought I would check my address - despite knowing my area was activated this week.

    Last week - Build Commenced.
    Today - Planned

    Go figure.

    Instead of 3 years (a year or 2 ago), I can now look forward to waiting another 4 years.
    Happy ending is in sight.

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    Got the feeling they have moved all areas to "planned" as they didnt even have any information for my suburb up until recent.

    Getting tired of these nbn adverts, kind of like rubbing salt into the wound for those that dont have it

    I was kinda expecting to go to a "magic 8 ball" site that would always show up "NEVER".

    Still kinda confused why there is a "Check Home" or Check Business" ... and address is an address... am i going to get it faster if its a business??

    You gotta love how they are still calling their MTM "the NBN", even though most of it will be inferior to the NBN.
    Then to add insult to injury, they also refuse to disclose what system people will get. It's almost as if they were ashamed of letting it be shown.

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    I think the planning is still in the planning stage. That is they are trying to decide how & when to do the planning.

    Planned availability: Jan-Jun 2019

    I'll believe it when it happens.

    Oh yay, end of 2019. (I don't believe it)
    Under Labor it was in planning 4 years ago and I would be on fibre already.

    WTG Malcolm.

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