Do You Shower In The Morning Or The Evening?

Do You Shower In The Morning Or The Evening?

It may sound like a pretty simple question, but there’s more to the decision we’re willing to bet. You may have a habit in place, like you shower in the morning to get pumped and energised for the day, or you shower at the end to wash off the stress and dirt of a long day. Which is it for you?

Personally, I shower in the morning because I need that jolt of water, initially cold then hot, to get me started and energised, otherwise I’m virtually sleepwalking through the first half of my day. That said, I had a conversation with a friend who noted that this means that when I come home from work, I’m pretty much sitting in and sleeping in whatever dirt and built-up stress and tension I’ve accumulated over the course of the day. That’s not a bad point, and true enough, in some places it’s more appropriate to shower at the end of the day than it is to bathe in the beginning. Instead, a quick wash-up is called for in the morning (versus mine in the evening) and you’re out the door to tackle the day, fresh faced.

What do you prefer? How does it fit into your regular routine? Let us know in the comments below.


    • Night showers for me. I like getting into bed all fresh and clean… then I just stay up and browse Imgur…

  • Morning. Always morning. I can’t function without it.

    Morning showers are a great way to start your daily routine while waking you up at the same time. Unless you work in a coal mine, evening showers just seem like a waste of time.

  • Agreed… For office workers or unless exercise is undertaken after work, evenings is unnecessary. Mornings to wake up!

    • No way. I feel gross after a day out of the house.

      Night showers = cleaner sheets. Also, means you can wake up later in the morning! 😀

  • I shower Morning and Evening….

    Morning to kickstart the wake up phase in readiness for the day

    Evening to wash the stress (and dirt/sweat) off

  • I shower in the morning for the reasons already mentioned.
    Once upon a time I showered in the evenings, and my hair was uncontrollable because it dried in weird places overnight. If you have long hair you either have to blowdry it before bed or just shower in the morning.

  • You are all wrong, the correct answer is night. Wash the grime of the day off so you don’t carry it into bed with you, feel clean and comfortable when you go to bed. No rush in the shower either ’cause you don’t have to go anywhere, and you don’t have to wake up earlier to wash.

  • when i used to shower every day, i would shower in the evenings, you get sweaty and smelly during the day even without exercise, so my logic was go to bed clean in the evenings.
    now i shower once or twice a week. dont judge me and fuck you if you do. if you’re skeptical about whether its hygienic or not, do some research.

    • Interesting. I don’t shower every day but I absolutely shower whenever I feel “sweaty and smelly“. So through winter I shower two or three times a week but in summer I shower once or twice a day.

  • I feel like I’m coated in filth if I don’t shower before leaving the house in the morning. That said, if I run or something in the evening, I have a shower then too.

  • As someone who often feels the cold, I take hot showers in the mornings to capture some heat for the rest of the day. Ridiculous, I know, but I feel like it works; if I don’t, I tend to really feel cold throughout the day.
    If I’ve had a particularly hard sweaty or stressful day, or I have a special event on, then I’ll also shower in the evening but that doesn’t happen very often.
    Also, since I work in an office environment I don’t work up a lot of sweat (if any, because the A/C is always set to f#!$ing freezing!), or pick up grime or dirt so showering in the evenings everyday as well seems wasteful. Also I change and wash my sheets and clothing regularly enough that having to shower at night to keep them clean seems like overkill.
    Unless you’re a tradie or working outdoors, there’s no need to be overly fastidious, but do whatever works for you, coz you know I’m gonna do what works for me. ;P

  • For me it depends. Through winter, I only ever shower in the morning and even then it is as a preluude to shaving, not necessarily because I feel like I need a shower. But in summer I invariably feel sweaty and sticky in the evening, so showering before bed makes more sense. But I also ride my bike to work three or four days a week, so I will have a quick shower at the office when I get in on those days.

    As I said above, I only shower two ro three times a week in winter but I’ll shower once or twice a day in summer. It’s about doing it when it’s needed, not as part of some dumb routine.

  • morning, staright after work and then evening..

    I have a question to those who only shower in the morning, do you have sex with you partner in the afternoon or evening? Are you saying you don’t shower before sex…ewwww?

    • are you saying you would let your partner cum inside you then not clean yourself out until after work the next day? it works both ways i guess. and unless you are fucking other people during the day there’s not really much risk of infection ,etc. besides it’s called getting down and “dirty” for a reason.

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