Build A Slick Little Miniature Weather Display Perfect For A Desk Or Wall

Need an upgrade to that boring old thermometer outside the kitchen window? Adafruit put together a guide for a wonderfully compact little battery powered weather display.

The unit uses a small 2.4" touchscreen display and the Adafruit Feather development board alongside a 3D printed case. Once you have the materials collected together, you'll just need to set up a couple of Arduino libraries, then piece everything together. The end result is a surprisingly good looking little display that shows the current weather, date, time, and a four-day forecast. Head over to Adafruit for the full guide.

ESP8266 WiFi Weather Station with Colour TFT Display [Adafruit]


    I wanted the opposite, a way to display the temperature only on a wall display.
    Many devices show many things.
    I eventually got a clock which had an alterating display of time, date and temperature and it had an option to display one mode only and that works really well.

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