Atlassian To Open A New Office To House 400 Employees In Sydney

Australia most successful start-up story Atlassian will be opening a brand new office that would accommodate 400 staff in Sydney's CBD.

According to Business Insider Australia, Atlassian will be closing down its second premises on Clarence Street. The new office will be located at a new 5000-square-metre site on 363 George Street, not far from the existing headquarters, which is expected to open in February or March.

The new office will feature video communications equipment in every meeting room and plenty of quiet spaces.

"We’re trying to hand control of space back to the end user, which is the opposite to what facility managers do [currently]," Atlassian’s global head of real estate, Brent Harman, told Business Insider Australia. "The workspace is like a workshop where tradesmen and tradeswomen ply their trade and it should be their space to configure how they see fit."

Atlassian now has around 2000 workers across the globe.

[Business Insider Australia]


    The source article you cite doesn't say the main office isn't moving, it's additional office space.

      Right you are. Sorry about that. Fixed in the article.

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