Anthony Bourdain's Tips For Making A Better Burger

The burger is a versatile dish, but doing too much with it can make it messy and difficult to eat. And the more flavours you add, the less opportunity the beef has a chance to shine. These tips will help you keep it simple and make the best burger possible.

Anthony Bourdain, the late, great chef and traveller extraordinaire, ate great burgers all over the world. In this video from the Tech Insider YouTube channel, Bourdain shared three tips that make for the perfect burger:

  1. A classic soft, squishy potato bun.

  2. A patty made from well-ground, high quality beef.

  3. An easily meltable - which often means processed - cheese.

And when it comes to adding toppings to a burger, Bourdain says the most important thing is to ask yourself this question:

"Is this thing I'm doing to this perfectly good, classic dish — is it making it better? It might make it more entertaining. It might dazzle people and say 'Oh look how clever he is." You might deconstruct it in a way that impresses people, or delights them, or astounds them... but does it make it better?"

So the next time you make some burgers at home, remember, less really can be more.

Anthony Bourdain's 3 tips to a perfect burger [YouTube]

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