What Features Do You Want In Your Next Laptop?

What Features Do You Want In Your Next Laptop?

This past week Apple and Microsoft both announced their visions for new laptops (among other things). Both have different approaches, but we want to know, what features do you want from your next laptop?

Apple’s banking on you wanting a weird little touch screen in place of your function keys, Microsoft, in turn, is doubling down on its laptop-tablet combo in the Surface Book. But we want to know, if you were in charge of these things, what would you do? What features do you want in your laptop?


  • I got one recently, the main things I wanted was at least two USB 3.0 ports and a USB 2.0 and a 128gb SSD minimum.

    Got my laptop for $600 and it’s i3 and 360 flip touchscreen too so very happy with it!

  • Lots of different ports, old and new – ethernet, USB, USB-C, mini-display port, HDMI, hell VGA is still useful if there’s room. Power connector on BOTH sides. Low weight for preference, but as much thickness as necessary. At least all day battery life under heavy load and high brightness, e.g. 12hrs.

    Basically a Macbook Pro that actually has features a professional would use, rather than gimmicks to make consumers jump into the pro category for emotional reasons.

  • I’ve got this new idea. It’s a power cable, that magnetically attaches and detaches, to keep your laptop safe should someone accidentally trip over your cable, or you underestimate how far your laptop can travel with the supplied 30cm cable. Something safe.

    The magnet would use rare earth magnets, and be REALLY powerful, but not too powerfult to yank the laptop – a safe level of power.

    I call this invention safemag, an it will revolutionise notebook power.

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