The Best Types Of Cookies To Send In The Mail

The Best Types Of Cookies To Send In The Mail

Cookies are a tasty way to send family and friends a handmade, heartfelt gift, but shipping them isn’t easy. You want your cookies to arrive looking beautiful, so here are the ones that stand up best to the shipping process.

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Cookies that can stand up to mailing can be broken down into four main types.

  • Crunchy: Cookies that have crunch, like biscotti and shortbread, are thick so they’re less prone to breaking.
  • Chewy: Softer cookies that have a little chew, like chocolate chip, ginger, or snickerdoodle, hold up well because they can absorb being thrown around a little. They tend to dry out over time though, so send them quickly or to those who are only a day or two away by mail.
  • Bars: Brownies and peanut butter bars are good examples of dense, moist baked goods that can withstand being boxed up for a couple days.
  • Sugar: Decorated sugar cookies are a holiday classic, but opt for shapes without any fragile bits, like snowmen or bells. Use royal icing because it hardens, so your artistic efforts won’t get messed up in transit.

There are many variations on these four types, but as long as you focus on the traits of each one that make them great for mailing, and make sure you ship like with like when you do, you’ll end up with cookies that look as good as they taste no matter how far you send them.

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